The Sri Lanka National Quality Award is an annual Award to recognize Sri Lankan Organizations that excel in quality management and quality achievement. Quality award programme is organized and implemented by the Marketing and Promotion division of Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI)

Evaluation Criteria

Award, applicant organizations are evaluated for seven criteria,

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Focus
  • Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management
  • Workforce Focus
  • Processes Management and
  • Results

This set of criteria is based on the criteria used for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards in the USA.

Award Categories

The Award has following twelve eligibility categories,

  • Large Manufacturing / Service / Education / Health Care
  • Medium Manufacturing / Service / Education / Health Care
  • Small Manufacturing / Service / Education / Health Care

Large, Medium or Small scales to be determined on the number of full-time employees.

  • Large - more than 250 full-time employees
  • Medium - from 50 up to 250 full-time employees
  • Small - less than 50 full-time employees

Type of the Awards,

  • National Quality Award
  • Merit Award
  • Commendation Certificate

Award recipients may publicize and advertise their Awards. In addition to publicizing the receipt of the Award, recipients are expected to share information about their successful quality strategies with other Sri Lankan organizations.


Any business located in Sri Lanka for a minimum period of 3 years prior to the application date may apply for the Award. Eligibility for the Award is intended to be as open as possible to all organizations. Eligibility restrictions and conditions ensure fairness and consistency in definition. For example, publicly or privately owned, domestic or foreign-owned, joint ventures, incorporated firms, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and holding companies may apply.

The Award Examination

The Award Examination is based upon performance excellence criteria. In responding to these criteria, each applicant is expected to provide information and data on the company’s improvement processes and results. Information and data submitted must be adequate to demonstrate that the applicant’s approaches could be replicated or adapted by other companies.

The Award Examination is designed not only to serve as a reliable basis for making Awards but also to permit a diagnosis of each applicant’s overall quality management.

Application Review

Applications are reviewed and evaluated by members of the Board of Examiners, Review Committee and the Panel of Judges in a five-stage process.

  • Individual Evaluation
  • Consensus Evaluation
  • Site Visit Evaluation
  • Review Committee recommendation
  • Selection of winners by panel of Judges

Examiners are assigned from the Board of Examiners to evaluate applications taking into account the nature of the applicants’ businesses and the expertise of the Examiners. Assignments are made in accordance with strict rules regarding conflict of interest.

Feedback to Applicants

All applicants receive feedback reports at the conclusion of the review process. The feedback is based upon the applicant’s responses to the Performance Excellence Criteria. This report indicates their strengths and areas for improvement. Many applicants use the feedback report as a guidance document in improving the performance of the company.

Winners 2019 - National Quality Award (SLNQA)


Amended SLNQA 2019 Winner