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How do we know the dates, venue, course fees and contents of the training programmes ?

Training Prospectus contains all the information related to all training programmes offered by SLSI.

Training Prospectus can be downloaded through our official website.

Link: -> Training -> Training Prospectus


Do we get discounts?

Yes. If any company nominate 5 or more participants, would get a 10% Discount.

Note: This is not applicable to Diploma, Certificate, foundation level and international training programmes.


Do you Provide Lunch/ Refreshments for Training Programmes?

Lunch and other refreshments are provided for all week-day programmes except week-end programmes.


How can we make the payments ?

 There are several options listed below.

  1. )Direct debit the payment amount to SLSI Bank Account and send the scanned copy of the deposit slip through e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Further the original deposit slip should be produced at the time of registration.

Bank details: Sri Lanka Standards Institution

                           BOC Super grade Branch

                           A/C No:  193675

Include SWIFT code

  1. )Direct Pay to SLSI by either cash or company cheques.

Note: If a Tax Invoice is required , you need to send the company VAT/SVAT details to SLSI in advance.


How about the Registration Process of Training Programmes?

  • For Diploma Programmes  - The registration process of the Diploma is somewhat different compared with other trainings.

                     You  need to fill the Diploma application and send to us.

                     Then you will be called for an interview and selection is based on merit.

  • For All other Programmes (Except Diploma Programmes)

You can make the payment and get registered for the desired programme. However, please ensure that seats are available for the training you are applying for.

How do we know about the Closing Dates for the Diploma Programmes ?

 Closing dates are mentioned in the Training Prospectus and you can call training Division of SLSI


Do you have any installment plan for payments?

Full payment has to be done in advance.


How can we get Diploma Applications ?

Diploma Applications can be collected from the Training Division at SLSI or can be downloaded from SLSI website.