Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services Division of SLSI has become a distinctive laboratory in the country, that being the only state laboratory established by the mandate to test products, commodities, and materials for the purpose of furthering the practice of standardization and, quality assurance and improvement. Further, by virtue of this being the laboratory attached to the National Standards Body (NSB), it is benefited in many ways which would in turn strengthen its technical services rendered to the industry and commerce and to the nation as a whole.

Laboratory Services Division of SLSI, being the National laboratory established for the purpose of promoting the practice of standardization and, quality assurance and improvement, it offers comprehensive laboratory services such as;

  • Compliance testing for a wide spectrum of consumer products, commodities, and materials according to national/international standards,
  • Technical training on laboratory testing, good laboratory practices and quality assurance of test results, etc. (customized technical trainings based on the requirements of individual persons or institutions).

In addition, the laboratory staffs participate in Technical Evaluation Committees of external institutions and share their expertise technical knowledge for the betterment of the concerned processes.

What We Offer

Presently, the Laboratory Services Division provides efficient and reliable services for the public as well as private sector organizations to promote activities in Trade and Commerce via six individual laboratory units and those are given below.

These laboratories have established good quality control procedures for monitoring the validity of test results through the use of standard materials, updated test methods, calibrated precision equipment and also through participation in external proficiency testing programmes. In addition to that, Laboratory possess highly competent technical staff and their knowledge is updated time to time by providing laboratory related training both locally and internationally.

Laboratory Quality Assurance

The Laboratory Services Division has developed its processes conforming to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017; General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. Several testing services offered by Chemical, Microbiology, Food, Electrical & Electronics and Material Laboratories are complying with the standard requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and accredited by Sri Lanka Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessments (SLAB). Accreditation status ensures the competence of the laboratory to generate reliable and technically valid data and test results. Test reports issued by such accredited laboratories are internationally accepted.

The Textile laboratory is also working towards obtaining accreditation status for their testing processes.

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