Pre-export Inspection Scheme (PEIS)

Pre-export Inspection Scheme (PEIS)

The objective of the Pre-export Inspection Scheme (PEIS) is to assure the compliance of exported product especially cinnamon to relevant Sri Lanka Standards or any other relevant standard specified by the importers before exporting the product to the buyer. With this certification, the exporters can access the foreign markets as well as foreign buyers can buy the product without the risk of rejection. This scheme is based on analysis of final product against the requirements specified by the exporting country or Sri Lanka Standard Specification for Ceylon Cinnamon (SLS 81). Pre-Export Quality Certificate will be issued consignment basis and it will ensure that goods are certified by Sri Lanka Standards Institution as a third-party accredited inspection body. In order to comply with this scheme, cinnamon farmers and processors are recommended to implement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Reference Standards:

SLS 81:2021 Specification for Ceylon Cinnamon

SLS 1562: Part 1: 2017 Requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices for Ceylon Cinnamon Processing

SLS 143: 2022 Code of Hygienic Practice for General Principles for Food Hygiene

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