Right to Information ACT, No. 12 0F 2016

As per the provisions given under the section 26(1) of the above act, contact details of the Information Officer and the Designated officer appointed for the implementation of the RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, No. 12 0F 2016 within the SLSI are given bellow.

Information Officer

Mr.W W L P P Wanigasinghe

Senior Deputy Director

Tel - +94 112 671 567-72 / Ext : 563

E-mail : prabath@slsi.lk

Designated Officer

Dr. (Mrs) Siddhika G Senaratne

Director General

Tel - +94 112 671 567 -72 / Ext : 203

E-mail : dg@slsi.lk

Right to Information Act, No 12 of 2016 of the Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is accessible at the following URL :

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Information Application (RTI-01)

Appeal to the Designated Officer (RTI-10)

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