SLS IEC 60904-3

SLS IEC 60904-3

Title: Photovoltaic devices: measurement principles for terrestrial photovoltaic (pv) solar devices with reference spectral irradiance data

Scope: Applies to the following photovoltaic devices for terrestrial applications: – solar cells with or without a protective cover; – sub-assemblies of solar cells; – modules; and – systems. NOTE The term “test specimen” is used to denote any of these devices. The principles contained in this document cover testing in both natural and simulated sunlight. Photovoltaic conversion is spectrally selective due to the nature of the semiconductor materials used in PV solar cells and modules. To compare the relative performance of different PV devices and materials a reference standard solar spectral distribution is necessary. This document includes such a reference solar spectral irradiance distribution. This document also describes basic measurement principles for determining the electrical output of PV devices. The principles given in this document are designed to relate the performance rating of PV devices to a common reference terrestrial solar spectral irradiance distribution. The reference terrestrial solar spectral irradiance distribution is given in this document in order to classify solar simulators according to the spectral performance requirements contained in IEC 60904-9.

Standard Status: Current

Equivalent Standard: IEC 60904-3:2019

Group: Gr. U

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