SLS IEC 60904-7

SLS IEC 60904-7

Title: Photovoltaic devices : computation of the spectral mismatch correction for measurements of photovoltaic devices

Scope: Describes the procedure for correcting the spectral mismatch error introduced in the testing of a photovoltaic device, caused by the mismatch between the test spectrum and the reference spectrum (e.g. AM1.5 spectrum) and by the mismatch between the spectral responsivities (SR) of the reference device and of the device under test and therewith reduce the systematic uncertainty. This procedure is valid for single-junction devices but the principle may be extended to cover multi-junction devices. The purpose of this document is to give guidelines for the correction of the spectral mismatch error, should there be a spectral mismatch between the test spectrum and the reference spectrum as well as between the reference device SR and the device under test SR. The calculated spectral mismatch correction is only valid for the specific combination of test and reference devices measured with a particular test spectrum. Since a PV device has a wavelength-dependent spectral responsivity, its performance is significantly affected by the spectral distribution of the incident radiation, which in natural sunlight varies with several factors such as location, weather, time of year, time of day, orientation of the receiving surface, etc., and with a solar simulator varies with its type and conditions. If the irradiance is measured with a thermopile-type radiometer (that is not spectrally selective) or with a PV reference device (IEC 60904-2), the spectral irradiance distribution of the incoming light must be known to make the necessary corrections to obtain the performance of the PV device under the reference spectral irradiance distribution defined in IEC 60904-3. If a reference PV device or a thermopile type detector is used to measure the irradiance, then, following the procedure given in this document, it is possible to calculate the spectral mismatch correction necessary to obtain the short-circuit current of the device under test under the reference spectral irradiance distribution in IEC 60904-3 or any other reference spectrum. If the reference PV device has the same relative spectral responsivity as the device under test then the reference device automatically takes into account deviations of the measured spectral irradiance distribution from the reference spectral irradiance distribution, and no further correction of spectral mismatch errors is necessary. In this case, location and weather conditions are not critical when the reference device method is used for performance measurements under natural sunlight. Also, for identical relative SRs, the spectral classification of the simulator is not critical for measurements with solar simulators. If the performance of a PV device is measured using a known spectral irradiance distribution,

Standard Status: Current

Equivalent Standard: IEC 60904-7:2019

Group: Gr. F

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