Standards & Services Promotion

Standards & Services Promotion Division promotes the services of SLSI and enlighten the public about standardisation and quality. Standards & Services Promotion Division further conducts market researches, develop and review marketing plan, strategically oversee advertising, promotion, distribution of services, customer services and public relations including handling of customer complaints.

Sri Lanka National Quality Award (SLNQA) is an annual National Quality Award programme based on the criteria of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award of USA which is organized by Standards & Services Promotion Division to recognize local organizations for their performance excellence, thus aiding role model organizations to achieve excellence in business.

What We Offer

  • Sri Lanka National Quality Award (SLNQA)
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Quality Award (SMEQA)
  • School & University Awareness Programmes
  • State Institutions and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Awareness Programmes
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