As an ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory, the Metrology Division of the Sri Lanka Standards Institution fulfills this national obligation by being a part of our national measurement system.

We provide an extensive industrial calibration service, covering a wide range of measurements which are traceable to National / International Standards, established through reference standards maintained by us.

Our test/calibration reports consist all information as per requirements of ISO17025. It helps you to stay in compliance with your quality management systems to international standards as well as fulfilling your customer requirements.

Scope of Accreditation

What We Offer

Force Laboratory

Compression testing machine

Tensile testing machine

Load Ring / Load Cell

Tension Meter

Air craft weighing system

Proving ring

Aircraft portable weighing pad

Pressure Gauge

Dead Weight Gauge

Torque wrench (Analog/Digital)

Torque Screw Driver

Cap Torque Tester

Length Laboratory

Caliper (Vernier/ Digital)

Depth Vernier Gauge (Vernier/ Digital)

Depth Micrometer (Digital/Vernier)

Micrometer (Digital/Venire)

Height Gauge (Digital/ Vernier)

Internal Micrometer

Dial Gauge (Digital/Vernier)

Feeler Gauge

Shear Box

Thickness Gauge (Dial /Digital)

Vicat Apparator

Dumb Bell Cutter/ Sample

Steel Ruler

Die Cutter

Angle Finder/ Bevel Protractor/Angel Protractor/ Inclinomete

Measuring Tape

Pi Tape

Steel Stylus

CSDF Deflection Gauge

Test Sieves

End Gagues

Radius Gauge

Sag Index/ Multi Film Applicator/Cubic Applicator/ Grinding Gauge/ Melt Flow Index

Standard Glass Graticule

Micro Checker/Check Master

Dial Gauge Tester/Calibration Tester

Bore Gauges

Profile Projector

Steel Gauge Block /Ceramic Gauge Block

Mass Laboratory

Electronic Analytical Balance

Top Loading Electronic Balance

Platform Electronic Balance

Hook Weighing Balance (Digital/Mechanical)

One/ Double/ Triple Beam Balance

Dial Mechanical Spring Balance

Newton Scale / Spring Scale

Load Indicators with Pan

Moisture Balance (Electronic / Mechanical)

Paper Scale

Batching Plant

Weight Calibration

Beakers / Measuring Jug

Volumetric Flask / Conical Flask

Bulb Pipette

Graduated Pipette


Measuring Cylinder

Flow Cup/ Zan Cup/ Density Cup / Viscosity Cup


Multi-Channel Micropipette




Temperature Laboratory

Glass Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

Dial Thermometer

IR Thermometer




Liquid Bath

Auto Clave

Cold Room/Refrigerator/Freezer

Industrial oven/Bakery/ Rotary Oven/Deck oven

Temperature Controller/ Indicator

Industrial Block Calibrator

Temperature Calibrator

Hygrometer /Max- Min Thermometer

Data Logger

COD Digester

Standard Thermocouple

Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers (SPRT)

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